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October 2017 (Google Review)

The office was beautiful! Dr. Shen and his staff were so courteous and professional. They had so many personal touches that made my husband and I feel so comfortable. We felt that his recommendations were honest and truthful which is hard to find. I would recommend Dr. Shen to anyone in the Portland area.

~ Julie

June 2017 (Facebook Review)

“Me my wife and three kids love it here so far. They have treated us very well and make it pleasant to go to the dentist. All the staff is helpful and kind. I would recommend this place to anyone.”

~ Anthony

May 2017 (Yelp Review)

“I had the best experience with the Caring Smile team!  Beautiful, charming, and clean office. I am not a huge fan of dentist offices but this team put me at ease. They are very knowledgeable and took the time to answer all my questions. They are beyond thorough during the examination. I highly recommend this team! They will keep you comfortable and make sure you are in the best hands. Hands down the best team in the Portland/Beaverton area!!”

~ Lacey

February 2017 (Yelp Review)

“Really nice staff and beautiful dentist office. really nice Panoramic dental x-ray they use in the office too,  Dr Kedy Shen also speak Mandarin Chinese with me that really make me feel at ease. He took the time to explain the procedure thoroughly and treatment plan.
Caring Smiles Dental will be my family dental office from now on, will recommend Dr. Shen to my friends and neighbors.”

~ CM

April 2017 (Google Review)

“I’ve had a lot of dental issues over the years and have been to a lot of clinics.this one by passed the rest by far! This clinic treated me so kindly. They discussed all my options, and went to lengths to keep me comfortable. I only felt slight discomfort afterwards, and I had 5 teeth to fix! They also treated my child with special needs, with such respect. They told her what was going to happen and how to prepare. She was able to relax and didn’t have the typical melt downs (anxiety attacks) that she usually has. Our entire experience was so smooth. I’ve already told my local special needs mom’s groups about this place. I hope to come here for all our dental needs. Well worth the drive.”

~ Jane

May 2017 (In-office Review)

“I have to have a great smile while working at the friendliest store in town, New Seasons.  And I’ll have a whole new mouth for my birthday!  Thank you Caring Smiles.” 

~ Amy

November 2016 (Yelp Review)

“I need to say something about Caring Smiles. I have been on my husband’s case for far too long to go and get something done with his teeth. A big part of his procrastination is that he’s a chicken. But he has gone in for two visits now and is actually pretty jazzed about addressing some dental problems in his mouth. I am so excited because it’s going to impact his self-esteem in a big way. Although I’ve wished he would have gone in sooner, I am glad that he discovered Dr Kedy. My husband is not easy to handle and whatever this guy is doing, he is doing it right.  –Sabrina 

~ Sabrina

February 2017 (Google Review)

“I have a major fear of dentists first off…from the moment I arrived I was impressed. Dr. Shen was so great at listening to my concerns and fears. He took the time to explain the procedure thoroughly. I left with confidence and a good idea of what to expect. I recommend this practice to anyone with uncertainties/fear of dentists. The office staff was kind and accommodating.”



~ Shirlee

November 2016 (Google Review)

“A+ care all around! Let me just say I haven’t always been very consistent on visits to the dentist even for regular cleanings. My visit to Dr Shen’s office was a great one, the entire staff was kind and treat you just like you were a part of their family. My teeth were not in the best shape, and my Dental Hygienist was incredibly nice and gentle through the whole procedure. My teeth look and feel like Brand New. Visit this office, you won’t be able to stop smiling afterwards. 

~ Todd