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Dental Implants
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Why Choose Our Dental Practice?
  • Friendly and gentle
  • All inclusive pricing
  • Sedation options
  • Financing available
  • 3-D CT scan technology for improved diagnostic information
Benefits of Dental Implants
  • Rejuvenate your smile to it's best
  • Eat and chew the food you love
  • Implants are a long lasting solution
  • Often implants are better than a bridge
  • No Cavities!
Our Patient Reviews
Best Dental Implant Reviews
The most fastidious dentist I've ever had...

"Dr. Parker took great care of me while in the dental chair.  He did not rush, but took the time to make sure each procedure was correct and precise.  I felt very comfortable and reassured.  Also when I went home, Dr. Parker called a few hours later to check my comfort level.  I have never had a dentist after I left the office.  I am so impressed."
-- Emma
Best Dental Implant Reviews Facebook
...i love this place.

"I'm not someone who likes going to the dentist, but I love this place. I needed a crown and they put me to sleep and when I woke up the whole thing was done. I was a little drowsy afterwards, but it was the easiest dental appointment ever!
I highly recommend."
-- Judy
Best Dental Implant Reviews Yelp
My wife, kids and I love it here so far.

“Me my wife and three kids love it here so far. They have treated us very well and make it pleasant to go to the dentist. All the staff is helpful and kind. I would recommend this place to anyone.”
-- Anthony
What are a Dental implants?
Dental Implant technology has improved tremendously over the last few decades allowing more and more patients to replace single missing teeth or multiple teeth? Dental Implants are titanium metal posts that are placed into the bone where teeth roots used to be. The dental implants heal and become like artificial tooth roots (integrated into the bodies bone). Once healed a Cap or single tooth or bridge can be placed on the implants.
7 Mistakes People Make when getting a Dental Implant
  • Timing is Everything – Don’t procrastinate . After getting a tooth pulled the clock will start ticking. The opening in the bone, where the tooth was once located, will initially be larger and capable of supporting a dental implant. However, in time the bone will wither away (atrophy) and lose the support a dental implant will need for proper positioning. Act fast! Don’t wait!
  •  Plan the Road Trip – Make sure you go to a dental office that has the capability to pre-plan the surgery with the right imaging equipment such as 3-D cone beam X-ray technology. Adequate equipment, staffing, sedation, financing, communication and education. must all be plotted out with precision before you step on the gas.
  •  Communication is Key – There must be direct communication between the dentist putting the implant in and the dentist performing the crown placement.Some implant surgeons are unaware of the ideal location of the crown placement and begin WITHOUT the end in mind. Both dentists must coordinate with precision for an ideal long term outcome. In many cases just one dentist can be capable and qualified to perform both procedures.
  • Faster Is Not Always Better – Finding a dentist who will take a conservative approach, in order to increase the success rate of dental implant integration, is key. Predictability is paramount when implants can last for a lifetime. Be weary of a dentist that wants to push the envelope and rush a delicate procedure.
  • Sleep Through the Surgery – Many patients are not aware that some dental offices can offer a full spectrum of sedation treatments better know as Sleep Dentistry. However, many general dentists are limited and will need to send the patient to another location for anesthetic treatment. Add this questions to your pre-treatment consultation with the dentist.
  • Cost – Implant dentistry is a great investment, but can be more expensive in the short term even if it’s more cost effective in the long term. What is it worth to you? Are you prepared financially?
  • Medical Advances – Implant dentistry has improved a great deal over the last decade with many enhancements rectifying old techniques. Putting too much stock in someones else’s story can be misleading and skew a potential candidates viewpoint. Stay current and seek a professional consultation. 
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