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Same-Day Crowns


Dental Crown, Dental Implants

Smile with a Dental Crown that Fits

Caring Smiles Dental understands that your time is a precious commodity. When a tooth cracks or breaks, you have a dental emergency. Getting it taken care of quickly and efficiently, to reduce any pain, stress and/or discomfort you may feel, will take one visit.  At our new and modern dental practice, located in Progress Ridge, we will transform broken crowns, chipped teeth and metal fillings within record time.

Dr. Brad Parker and his expert local dental team are pleased to offer the Beaverton and Tigard communities cutting-edge technology using CEREC@ – CAD/CAM equipment. This means Dr. Shen is able to fix most technology using CEREC@ – CAD/CAM equipment. This means Dr. Parker is able to fix most dental emergencies such as crowns, on-lays, inlays, silver fillings and veneers in one day!

No more multiple visits, and no more temporary crowns or bad tasting impression material.

Your new tooth will be crafted right before your eyes by the best dentist in SW Portland, with cutting edge technology at his side. You will leave feeling comfortable, confident, and renewed.

In addition, if any type of dental procedure makes you feel uneasy or anxious, we are experts in sleep dentistry and have multiple sedation options for you to choose from.

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Benefits of Same-Day Crowns

  • One single appointment, rather than two visits
  • Beautiful white colored crown, metal free
  • Safe, simple, and fast
  • A minimized number of injections
  • Comfortable digital-impression process
  • Quality and durability
  • No temporaries
  • You see the process from beginning to end


How Does Same-Day Crown Technology Work?

CEREC (Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics) uses CAD/CAM (computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacturing) technology to restore your new tooth with a white crown made with a strong porcelain material that is compatible with tissue in the mouth, anti-abrasive, and plaque-resistant.

To begin the appointment, your teeth are given a light dusting of reflective powder. Dr. Parker uses a small camera to take an accurate picture of the damaged tooth. This 3-D optical impression is displayed on a color computer screen.

We then use CAD technology to design a digital model of your new tooth. The software can even be used to create a mirror-image twin of the same tooth on the other side of your mouth, for the most natural-looking result possible.

After the design process is complete, CAM technology follows by the use of a high precision robotic milling machine, which fabricates your new tooth. Once the crown’s fit has been verified, and any necessary aesthetic enhancements have been made to the crown’s surface (staining and glazing), the crown will be bonded to your tooth.

CEREC has two decades of clinical research and documentation to support the technology. The process and product have been proven to be precise, safe, and effective.

This amazing technology eliminates all of the errors and added wait that exist with the traditional crown method.

Function of a Dental Crown

  • Cover imperfections of the smile
  • Help in repairing a tooth after trauma has occurred
  • Provide structure to a broken or chipped tooth to keep it from breaking further
  • Restore a dental implant
  • Provide protection for a tooth
  • Cover a permanently stained tooth
  • Protect a tooth after root canal therapy

Crowns strengthen weak teeth by holding the tooth together. They are synthetic caps, usually made of a material like ceramic or porcelain, placed on the top of a tooth. They are typically used to restore a tooth’s function and appearance following a restorative procedure such as a root canal.

Also, when decay in a tooth has become so advanced that large portions of the tooth must be removed, crowns are often used to restore the tooth.

Crowns are also used to attach bridges, cover implants, prevent a cracked tooth from becoming worse, or an existing filling is in jeopardy of becoming loose or dislocated.

Same day crowns also serve an aesthetic use, and are applied when a discolored or stained tooth needs to be restored to it’s natural appearance. Take a look at our Cosmetic Dentistry page to see how easy and affordable it is change the look of your smile with natural looking crowns or veneers.


How to Care for Your Same-Day Crown

dental crown, same day

Crowned teeth require the same conscientious care as your natural teeth.

Be sure to floss and brush all of your teeth, restored and natural, each day to reduce the buildup of dental plaque.

Remember to schedule your professional cleanings at one of the best Beaverton dental practices in SW Portland. Routine dental cleanings are the basis to maintain the integrity and health of your teeth and crown.

Wear a nightguard if you have a grinding habit to protect your teeth and your investment. Taking excellent care of a same-day crown will guarantee that it will last you many years to come.


How much do same-day crowns cost?

Both traditional crowns and same-day crowns are very durable and can last up to 20 years when properly cared for.

Are same-day crowns as durable as traditional crowns?

Both traditional crowns and same-day crowns are very durable and can last up to 20 years when properly cared for.

Are there any risks or disadvantages to same-day crowns?

Both traditional crowns and same-day crowns are very durable and can last up to 20 years when properly cared for.