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Sleep Dentistry

who needs sedation

Wake up to a new smile!  Imagine going off to sleep and waking up to having all of your dental treatment done! We are experts in sleep dentistry. Experience matters. We have options for everybody.

  • Those who want their treatment done in one appointment- limited time
  • Patients with Special Needs
  • Young Children
  • Patients undergoing surgical procedures
  • Patients with Previous Poor Experience
  • Fearful Patients
  • Allergic to Local Anesthetics/Local Anesthetics don’t work
  • Strong Gaggers

Sedation Options:

nitrous oxide sedation

Nitrous Oxide, also known as laughing gas is a quick and easy way to alleviate potential fear and discomfort in the dental chair. Also, the nice thing is that nitrous oxide sedation is that the effects are very short acting, allowing someone to drive themselves home after the appointment.


  • Quick recovery-you can drive yourself home
  • Pain relieving properties


Oral Conscious Sedation is a stronger form of sleep dentistry. You will take a pill that will relax you and get you very comfortable. Most often you will have no memory of the appointment.


  • Calms anxiety and puts one in a relaxed state
  • Patients will have little or no memory of the appointment
full iv sleep dentistry

Full IV Sedation is sleep dentistry at its root. Dental patients who want to be totally asleep through their appointment can choose this option. If a patient would like, he or she can be put to sleep before the IV is placed. By simply breathing through a mask the patient is put into a comfortable sleep. The IV is placed and his or her oral health is taken into good hands. When the patient awakes, his or her smile is happier, healthier and on it’s way to a brighter day.

Dr Allred is a dentist-anesthesiologist who specializes in sleep dentistry. He completed a full dental anesthesia residency to be able to perform all levels of sedation. He has treated thousands of dental patients of all kinds, making their dental experience an easy and pleasant one.


  • Works for all patients to achieve full sleep and relaxation
  • Works well for long appointments, and the dosage can be adjusted throughout
  • Totally blunts strong gag reflexes and eliminates the pain for those whom local anesthesia doesn’t work.

You will need an escort to drive you home from your appointment. You will also need to abstain from eating prior to the appointment.  Six hours for lighter foods.  Eight hours for heavier foods.  Two hour prior when drinking clear liquids.  There may be other special instructions depending on the medications you take, etc.

Yes, we have special equipment in the office and a special room which is like an OR room for patients who want to be sedated for the treatment. Dr. Allred and Dr. Parker have a lot experience in the levels of sedation that they perform.

Yes, in fact for some it is much safer to be sedated for the dental procedure. Stress and anxiety can have detrimental effects on many medical conditions, particularly those who have heart or breathing problems.

It depends on the level of sedation that you need. We have options for all levels of need. We can do a complimentary consultation and tell you upfront what the total cost will be before hand.