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Wisdom teeth are a common reason for dental pain and dental emergencies. We are experts in wisdom teeth extractions and will help to relieve your pain instantly and review the options available to take care of your teeth that sit in the back row.

If there is not enough room for the wisdom tooth to surface comfortably and become a functional tooth, or there is not enough room for it to be properly cleaned, a painful problem will arise and a scheduled wisdom tooth extraction should be appointed. It is generally recommended that a person remove his or her wisdom teeth while younger in age. Waiting until you are older can present more complications and pain.

Sedation options are offered as well for this type of procedure. Choose from three different sedation options. Our prices are very affordable. Who knew getting your wisdom teeth pulled could feel like a dream?

Dr. Allred is the best in oral surgery and tooth extraction. Serving the Beaverton and Tigard areas with confidence and modern dental techniques is his specialty.

impacted wisdom teeth

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