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Missing a Tooth? We can help you regain your natural smile again with Dental Implants! Our gentle and experienced dentist will restore your smile with precision and ease.  To help relieve any anxiety you might have with the process, Caring Smiles Dental has full sedation and sleep dentistry services to give you comfort and peace of mind.  Smile with confidence again as you stroll through the Beaverton Farmer’s Market or check out the shops on Tigard Main Street.  Our prices are affordable.  Our team is ready…for you!

  • Friendly and gentle
  • All inclusive pricing
  • Sedation options
  • Financing available
  • 3-D CT scan technology for improved diagnostic information
  • Rejuvenate your smile back to its best it can be
  • Can eat and chew like regular teeth
  • Long Lasting solution.
  • Often better option than a bridge
  • Don’t have to cut down adjacent teeth
  • Can’t get cavities like regular crowns/teeth

“I have a major fear of dentists first off…from the moment I arrived I was impressed. Dr. Shen was so great at listening to my concerns and fears. He took the time to explain the procedure thoroughly. I left with confidence and a good idea of what to expect. I recommend this practice to anyone with uncertainties/fear of dentists. The office staff was kind and accommodating.”


Really nice staff and beautiful dentist office. really nice Panoramic dental x-ray they use in the office too,  Dr Kedy Shen also speak Mandarin Chinese with me that really make me feel at ease. He took the time to explain the procedure thoroughly and treatment plan.
Caring Smiles Dental will be my family dental office from now on, will recommend Dr. Shen to my friends and neighbors.


Me my wife and three kids love it here so far. They have treated us very well and make it pleasant to go to the dentist. All the staff is helpful and kind. I would recommend this place to anyone.

Dental Implant technology has improved tremendously over the last few decades allowing more and more patients to replace single missing teeth or multiple teeth?  Dental Implants are titanium metal posts that are placed into the bone where teeth roots used to be. The dental implants heal and become like artificial tooth roots (integrated into the bodies bone).  Once healed a Cap or single tooth or bridge can be placed on the implants.

  • Timing is Everything – Don’t procrastinate . After getting a tooth pulled the clock will start ticking. The opening in the bone, where the tooth was once located, will initially be larger  and capable of supporting a dental implant. However, in time the bone will wither away (atrophy) and lose  the support a dental implant will need for proper positioning.  Act fast!  Don’t wait!
  • Plan the Road Trip – Make sure you go to a dental office that has the capability to pre-plan the surgery with the right imaging equipment such as 3-D cone beam X-ray technology. Adequate equipment, staffing, sedation, financing, communication and education. must all be plotted out with precision before you step on the gas.
  • (Two Way Radio) Communication is Key – There must  be direct communication between the dentist putting the implant in and the dentist performing the crown placement.Some implant surgeons are unaware of the ideal location of  the crown placement and begin WITHOUT the end in mind. Both  dentists  must coordinate  with precision for an ideal long term outcome.  In many cases just one dentist can be capable and qualified to perform both procedures.
  • Faster Is Not Always Better –  Finding a dentist who will take a conservative approach, in order to increase the success rate of dental implant integration, is key. Predictability is paramount when implants can last for a lifetime.  Be weary of a dentist that wants to push the envelope and rush a delicate procedure.
  • (While You Are Sleeping) Sleep Through the Surgery – Many patients are not aware that some dental offices can offer a full spectrum of sedation treatments better know as Sleep Dentistry.  However, many general dentists are limited and will need to send the patient to another location for anesthetic treatment.  Add this questions to your pre-treatment consultation with the dentist.
  • Cost  – Implant dentistry is  a great investment, but can be more expensive in the short term even if it’s more cost effective in the long term.  What is it worth to you?  Are you prepared financially?
  • Medical Advances – Implant dentistry has improved a great deal over the last decade with many enhancements rectifying old techniques.   Putting too much stock in someones else’s story can be misleading and skew a potential candidates viewpoint.  Stay current and seek a professional consultation.

Dental Implants

That depends. We have 3-D CT scan technology to be able to see exactly what your bone levels look like before the implant surgery.

Typically, to replace one single tooth with an implant there are multiple visits.  The first visit is where the implant is placed into the bone.  This is often done with some level of sedation. Sometimes if a tooth needs to be pulled and an implant placed, this can be done during the same visit.  

Healing usually takes between 4-6 months with the implant under the gums. The next visit is an uncovering visit and putting a gum healing cap on. This is usually a short visit. After this heals(about 2 more weeks), we take an impression for the new implant crown. The final visit is to cement the final implant crown.

No! Most often we can get your dental implant done from start to finish right here in our office. You will know from the start what the process is like and how much a dental implant will cost. We even offer dental sedation for the procedures.

We offer all inclusive pricing which is the X-ray, implant, abutment, and crown. Call today 503-430-5096 for our all inclusive pricing to find out the exact cost of dental implants.

No one is too old to get dental implants. Come in for a free consultation to find out if dental implants are a great solution for you.

Sleep Dentistry

You will need an escort to drive you home from your appointment. You will also need to abstain from eating prior to the appointment.  Six hours for lighter foods.  Eight hours for heavier foods.  Two hour prior when drinking clear liquids.  There may be other special instructions depending on the medications you take, etc.

Yes, we have special equipment in the office and a special room which is like an OR room for patients who want to be sedated for the treatment. Dr. Allred and Dr. Parker have a lot experience in the levels of sedation that they perform.

Yes, in fact for some it is much safer to be sedated for the dental procedure. Stress and anxiety can have detrimental effects on many medical conditions, particularly those who have heart or breathing problems.

It depends on the level of sedation that you need. We have options for all levels of need. We can do a complimentary consultation and tell you upfront what the total cost will be before hand.

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