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 August 2018

“How great is it to leave the dentist’s office in a better mood than when you came in??? Kauser (hope I spelled that right) at the front desk had to deal with an issue with my insurance company but she handled them with such grace and professionalism and she really advocated for me. Maria the hygienist was fast and gentle and thorough, and even took the time to do some teaching with me on self care. And she was interesting to chat with. Dr. Nguyen has just joined the practice and I was impressed with her all around- I had no pain whatsoever, she answered my questions very patiently, and she was great with aesthetics as she did work on my front teeth. And she was so respectful with her assistant- every dentist works differently so even an experienced assistant has a lot to learn with each dentist they assist, and I worked with some who weren’t nearly as pleasant- she communicated what she wanted and complimented her assistant on how fast she learned and the initiative she took and on the things she did well. And Tina the assistant was responsive to my needs and to Dr. Nguyen’s, she was engaged and enthusiastic about doing her work well, and attentive to my comfort. Jenny- I think she was also an assistant, though she didn’t sit with me- was so sweet and helpful and answered my questions patiently and pleasantly. So many people are afraid of the dentist so I really like that everyone at Caring Smiles works hard to make the experience a great one. This is an easy place to recommend.”   –Amy S.

~ Impressive Dentist All Around

“My daughter has actually really enjoyed her time here too.  She’s had a [teeth] cleaning and unfortunately a tooth filling, which she was scared to do, but afterwards…”    —Shannon

~ Tooth Filling Beaverton, Oregon

Dental Hygienist 5 Star Review January 2018

I just wanted to give my 5 minutes to write this thoughtful review for this small-growing [dental] business, because they deserve it. And for anyone new to the [Beaverton, OR] area in making an informed decision. The hygienist who cleaned my teeth was Allison, I can tell she tries really hard to make sure the teeth cleaning was painless, she was so careful. I have a high pain tolerance so I’m used to having my gums hurt, but this is fine too.  The people here really go above and beyond to make you feel welcomed, you can feel it when you walk into the office, it doesn’t even feel like one. The [dental] equipment is the latest, I kept wondering what everything is for. They have Netflix while I’m getting my teeth cleaned (that’s so extra, but I’m not complaining).      —Diane

~ Hygienist Beaverton, Oregon

“There was no pinch and no pain when Dr Parker had to numb my gums.  Amazing!  I know that my wife and I and our family are definitely coming back to Caring Smiles for years to come.”     – Will

~ No Pain – Great Family Dentist

  June 2017

“Me my wife and three kids love it here so far. They have treated us very well and make it pleasant to go to the dentist. All the staff is helpful and kind. I would recommend this place to anyone.”     –Anthony

~ Pleasant Dental Office I Recommend

“When I walked outside with my dentures on for the first time, I smiled like crazy!  Many people didn’t know I had [implant-supported] dentures because I have no trouble smiling or talking.  The people are what really make a difference.”   — Tobi

~ Implant-Supported Dentures After Fighting Cancer

May 2017

“I had the best experience with the Caring Smiles team!  Beautiful, charming, and clean office. I am not a huge fan of dentist offices but this team put me at ease. They are very knowledgeable and took the time to answer all my questions. They are beyond thorough during the examination. I highly recommend this team! They will keep you comfortable and make sure you are in the best hands. Hands down the best team in the Portland/Beaverton area!!     — Lacey

~ Beautiful, Charming and Clean [Dental] Office

“The process [to get a denture] was easier than I thought it was going to be.  I’m really pleased…I’m going to keep referring Dr Allred and Caring Smiles Denture Center to whomever I come across.”     — Gloria

~ Highly Recommended Dentures

December 2017

“I look forward to going and getting [dental] work done here all the time now. Their dentists, assistants, techs, and RECEPTIONISTs are amazing!”     –Landon

~ Amazing Dentists, Dental Assistants, Hygienists and Staff

November 2016

“I need to say something about Caring Smiles. I have been on my husband’s case for far too long to go and get something done with his teeth. A big part of his procrastination is that he’s a chicken. But he has gone in for two visits now and is actually pretty jazzed about addressing some dental problems in his mouth. I am so excited because it’s going to impact his self-esteem in a big way. Although I’ve wished he would have gone in sooner, I am glad that he discovered Caring Smiles Dental. My husband is not easy to handle and whatever this office is doing, it is doing it right.  –Sabrina 

~ Caring Smiles Dental Boosts Tooth Self-Esteem