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Capture a family smile

Which dentist near me will take special care in treating my little girl’s sensitive teeth?  Where can I find a general dentist office in the SW Portland area that provides excellent teeth cleaning services?  Caring Smiles Dental will maintain, repair, renew and restore you and your family’s smiles through professional family dentistry.  Our doors opened to the Beaverton and Tigard communities in August of 2016.  Designing and building this local general dentist office to better serve the greater Progress Ridge and Big Al’s neighborhoods, has been our professional goal and mission.  

We have multiple amenities to help you and your loved ones feel more relaxed and stress-free. By calling our office and talking with our kind and inviting staff, you will feel confident knowing that our general dentistry staff have your best interest at heart.  Feel at home as we welcome you to our bright, clean and modern dental practice.

“One ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

– Benjamin Franklin

Together, as a strong dental team, we can prevent:

  • Cavities from forming
  • Gingivitis from developing gum disease
  • Minor jawbone loss
  • Plaque from hardening into tartar
  • Stains from sticking
  • Bad Breath from interfering

With our gentle and caring approach, along with accomplished dental hygienist, dental assistants and staff, you and your family will leave our office feeling confident and self-assured of the best dental cleaning available.

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